Veronique Roy Jwls

EVOLUTION - Versatile 2-in-1 necklace - NEW


Create two completely different looks with this versatile necklace. It can be worn in a long version, or by doubling the chain by attaching it to the bottom ring to wear it in a short version.

The jewelry set can be completed with Bold stud earrings, where the rings with Metamorphosis charms if you want to give it as a gift (to yourself or someone else!)

Available in silver or gold, depending on your preference. 


An ideal necklace for traveling

Are you looking for a jewel that you can easily adapt to various outfits? The Evolution necklace is ideal for travel, because you can play with its two versions to change your style, without having to bring several jewels in your luggage. 


Jewel made in Quebec by a designer from here 

The Osez collection, by Véronique Roy Jwls, was created in a Montreal workshop. Wearing jewelry made in Quebec means encouraging the local economy and the creativity of people here.

This collection is meant to be bold, with more voluminous pieces. It is made for ambitious and powerful women. Discover l'story behind the collection

Information about this versatile necklace

  • Chain length: 30 inches. In the short version, the necklace has a length of 18 inches.

  • Pendant size: 24 x 76 mm

  • Metal: sterling silver or gold plated

  • Handmade jewelry in a Montreal workshop

How to care for your sterling silver necklace

To keep your sterling silver jewelry in its best condition, clean it with a polishing cloth. Be careful, however, you must avoid polishing if you have chosen the gold-plated version, as this could damage the plating. In any case, remove your jewelry before going to the swimming pool or in the shower, or before applying make-up or hair products.


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