Selene, earrings with rose quartz


Earrings bars SELENE with rose quartz, are available in solid sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver faceted natural rose quartz. We use pale pink stones to give these earrings a unique and trendy look.

Offer a gift made in Quebec

Treat yourself to these pink stone earrings as a well-deserved birthday present, from me to me, or give them as lucky jewelry to your sister or your mother, to bring them luck and love! They're sure to appreciate the attention, more than knowing that these bows are made locally with love!

Properties and benefits of rose quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. Its healing energy and virtues will help you with all aspects of love and it will help you with your self-love, in your relationships, to cleanse and open your heart, to relieve anxiety and to open your heart chakra. Wear them every day to open your heart to new possibilities.

Handmade in Montreal with love

    • Metal: Solid sterling silver or 14k gold-plated sterling silver (one-micron thick)
    • Stone: 10mm faceted rose quartz
    • Dimension: 10 x 14 mm
    • Butterflies included in sterling silver included

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