Veronique Roy Jwls

ÉCLATANTE - Necklace with minimalist pendant - NEW


This minimalist necklace is made of a thin chain and a small pyramid-shaped pendant. The light reflects on the facets of the charm, for a jewel that shines, just like you.

Ideal for hot days when you don't want to wear jewelry that is too heavy, or to complete a layering of necklaces.

This minimalist necklace comes in silver or gold to match your favorite jewelry or eyeglass frames.


Show your bright side

La Dare collection [link to collection page], by jeweler Véronique Roy Jwls, is made for daring women. The creations of this collection are more voluminous and bold than the other jewels of the brand.

It's time to take your place and shine!

Create a gift set with the square earrings fiery, where the rings with Ose square charms, both from the same collection.

Handmade jewelry in Quebec

Since 2012, designer Véronique Roy has been creating sterling silver jewelry by hand in her Montreal studio. Combining precious metals and natural stones, the collections of this Quebec brand are inspired by geometric shapes and feminine strength.

By wearing jewelry made in Quebec as a fashion accessory, you participate in the local economy while expressing your authentic personality. 

Details on this necklace with minimalist pendant

Tips for keeping your jewelry sparkling

Sterling silver is a durable material that will stay shiny for a long time with proper care. To do this, clean your silver jewelry with a polishing cloth and remove it before applying your hair products or makeup. 

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