RICHARD STOICA, International Sales Director Kuwalla Tee

Richard Stoica was born in Montreal, but he grew up in Ottawa. He has a little brother who suffers from microcephaly. It is an intellectual disability that affects his development, so he will always have the mental age of two years. Living alongside his brother gives him a very different outlook on life; he is undoubtedly a very positive person and his attitude towards life is filled with gratitude.

Richard is a sportsman at heart. He started taekwondo at a very young age, a sport that gave him great discipline, structure and winning attitude. He reached the 2nd position in the world in Russia and the 3rd position at the Invitations of Japan. He fought against opponents much older than himself.

With his competitive demeanor, he also goes a long way in basketball. He notably performed for the Ontario provincial team.

For several reasons, he left home at age 17, which kept him away from college. For a living, he taught evening taekwondo at four different schools and worked for the Bank of Canada by day. His love of music also led him to become a DJ in several bars in Ottawa. However, after a few years at this hectic pace, he realized that 9 @ 5 working in an office wasn't what turned him on.

So he decided to leave Ottawa to settle in Montreal to play with the McGill University basketball team. He chose Montreal because he loved the “vibe” of this city. It was the dream place to start a family!

Montreal, the return to university, it was too much! Manage your accounts, your apartment, work all day, go to night school and study at night at home… OUF!

Through those crazy days, he was approached by an agent to become a model. At the beginning, he said to himself: "Well come on, I'm an athlete, not a model"!

Friends strongly encouraged him to give it a try. And There you go! twenty years later, he is still active in the artistic world. You've probably seen it in Here the exit, My ex ou funkytown. Otherwise as the main journalist for Montreal Fashion Week, not to mention all the television commercials: SAQ, Loto Max, Mazda, etc.

Finally, Richard's journey may have always been fraught with pitfalls, but despite everything, he was able to make the most of each of his experiences and he is now director of international sales for a clothing company called Kuwalla Tee. .