MINH PHAT, chef and owner of the Mui Mui restaurant

Minh was born in Montreal in 1989. Of Chinese origin, he
the the Cantonese. His parents grandparents were born in Vietnam, so at home, they speak Vietnamese among themselves and Chinese with the children. Although born in Montreal, he grew up eat itant food much Chinese which lifetnamese.

The second in a family of three boys, Minh has always loved watching her parents cook, her father is a chef. (he knew what he was getting into!). In an album at the end of primary school, it is even written that he wanted to be a cook later! 

Minh did her high school at Georges-Vanier schoolMore the truth was, he hated school, apart from home economics class (because the goal was to cook half the time), art classes and sports. It was around the age of 14 or 15 that he began volunteering at the neighborhood community center for two summers. He helped the employees with meals for the elderly and for the youth of the day camp. Immediately after high school, he did a DEP in professional cooking and it is thanks to this study program that he landed an internship at the Hunting and Fishing Club. After this internship, he finally did his course « ASP kitchen updatede " then, the head of Hunting and Fishing called him back to invite him to work with them. He stayed there for about three years with the aim of occupying all the positions… it was mission accomplished! 

He then worked for three years at Le Filet restaurant where a Japanese chef taught him new techniques until a friend offered him a job as sous-chef at the Orange Rouge restaurant in Chinatown. - the restaurant was not yet open at the time. Then, one thing leading to another and for various reasons, he became the chef of this restaurant… he was only 24 years old! The adventure lasted seven years then, unfortunately, the pandemic struck hard in Chinatown and the restaurant had to close his doors in June 2020. Following this decision, with spartners of Orange Rouge, he has contacted proven best friends to find out if they wanted to embark on a new project. They all said yes! 

The team therefore opened Restaurant Mui Mui in february 2021mode take out & delivery first, then, in the summer, they have opened terrace and dining room. 

The least we can say is that Minh is a hard working person. He describes himself as a " jobAddict ». Just seeing his background, we understand that he loves his job, his restaurant and his team and that he puts all his heart into it.

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Hello Minh,

I was wondering if you'll release a cookbook. I love you. The first time I saw you on TV was on the show El Mundo. I was impressed. Then on Marina's show, I rediscover you. You are a wonderful person.

I just watched the video on here radio canada. I was very moved. You are extraordinary. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for reading me.

Carole November 09, 2022

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