Animator and designer, author, illustrator

Wearer of: berets and memory

Always “in” for: a concert or a road trip

Favorite trend: Those who don't follow the herd

Could be in the Guinness World Records for: braiding hair in 8 seconds

Has always in his bag: an anecdote not possible

Remedy for the blues: a game of softball and popcorn

Host, columnist, designer and author, Melissa Maya has won various awards (Gémeaux, Numix, Grands Prix du journalisme indépendant) for her work as a host-reporter and the originality of her projects. Of Folk you folk me à Quebec Western (book and TV show), through his interviews for Châtelaine, his road trips for La Presse or his book Montreal always, the intrepid rock'n'roller has the gift of always taking us to familiar and unfamiliar terrain.

“It seems your signature is to interview people who are so unfashionable that they never go out of fashion. » (The duty, Montreal as a country)

Daughter of a travel agent and a Westfalia collector, the music lover has been traveling America for twenty years now to discover the places that have marked her musical history. From Rouyn-Noranda to San Francisco, she always brings back reels of memories and, to our delight, shares her stories on TV and radio.

« A country geek who uncuffed him from the handcuffs with which he had been crimped to make him accessible and truly understandable to everyone. "(There are people at mass, Tele-Quebec)

Summary: colorful, sensitive, accessible. She also inspires us for: her reflections and her more social positions, particularly on parental equality (50/50: the documentary (Radio-Canada, Tanya Lapointe).

L'amoureuse des mots recently published her first youth album, Rock'n'Miaou, rock legends told to children, for which she also signs the illustrations. She has just completed a project to archive French-Canadian song lyrics and is currently working on a collection of poetry.

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