Jean-Philippe is the little boy who dreams.

It's the one who, very young, told his mother he was going to play for the team cAnadian male soccer player. He shared his childhood between playing with his friends and the various soccer fields in Quebec. Jean-Philippe is stomach aches that start days oral presentations ou of matches, but it'is also the excitement of friday morning when a family outing to a restaurant is planned - the mostly at the local chinese buffetIt's hours and hours of playing soccer, au baseball, au hockey and au basket-ball in lhas court, alone, to comment on the big one « 7th game » that he invented himself. It's a childhood like so many otherssin the beautiful little town of Granby, where he grew up alongside his generous parents and his big brother idol.

In high school, 
il forsake a little sport whenhe discovers improvisation. This is where he meet new people et new fields of interest that stimulate him differently. This is however au CÉgep de Granby en Arts et Lettres that he will have his first real contact with the theater. A few games, writing and staging workshops allow him to develop a new passion for this art. and a mad desire to discover the world. At the end of his college program, he decides so to fly to Europe for an indefinite period: harvests, travels, discoveries, readings, meetings ... cis all he dreamed of for a long time! It is  at a time a call towards l'unknown, but also a quest for answers to the great existential questions. It was also during this trip that he confessed for the first time his wish become an actor. Admitting it is one thing, making it happen is another ...

Six months later, it's time to return for Jean-Philippe. Dn the impossibility of returning to live with his parents, he quits the family nest (it was about time!) For end up in the big city ​​of Montreal. Too fearful of his dream of becoming an actor, he does a long detour from two people years and a half in « Animation and cultural research » at UQAM. There he made several striking encounters and plunged back into improvisation. It is in the league of the program that he meet Marie Pierre Tremblay, an exceptional person, who will become a dear friend and agent. 

It is  also en following the encouragement of a friend, Ansia Wilscam, that Jean-Philippe decides finally to face his fears and à passer les auditions to enter theater schools. The next year, il begins his four-year training at the National Theater School of Canada (ENT). He finds also proven famous maPrimary tummy flowBUT IT WILL NOT BE THAT PLEASURE! He will possibly spend the four best years of his life there., surrounded by collegesis, teacherexceptional and friends, including Adrien bletton, with whom he will form the Gustafson duo. With a promise that will weld them together forever (Adrien who said to him: « You and me, we're gonna do great things together! »), the two acolytes are surpassesnt for 10 years now for offer a unique product that raises awareness and hearts.

 Jean-Philippe will quickly have the chance to « make the paw » leaving school since he will land a role in the tv series 30 lives. The professional suite is only happiness: dprojects theatre et roles for both small and large screens that allow them to learn, improve and se discover every day. 

He assures us that the stomach aches are still present, but that they are now due to the excitement of discovering what the future holds.

Photo credit: Robitaille Photo

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