Hugues Quenneville 
Bergevin is a name to remember! Artist at heart, nothing can stop him when he has a dream in his head. From an early age, he discovered the scene as an actor for plays in his small village of Saint-Anicet. Lovers of the public and especially of being in the spotlight, the artist quickly understood that he was born to be seen. 

Distinguished above all by his strong personality and taste for style, he is always on the lookout for the latest fashionable outfits. The universe of fashion is a real passion for him. He pursues his dreams in front of the cameras as a model, rubbing shoulders with photographers and stylists. He loves to be on film sets or cAs we say so well in our community, to be " on set "! In rfulfilling a dream very early in his career (that of being a model on a billboard on a major highway), cIt was there that he understood that his visualizations could really come true. 

At the dawn of his thirties, Hugues chose to profiter de the pandemic to give a real boost to his career : ienterprisingis online studies to become a stylist and start your own business, what allows him today to live off his passion. He is starting his second year as an entrepreneur “ Stylish By Hugh », Getting noticed on social networks! Stylist for artists, influencers and actors, does also personal consultations, of  TV commercials and even music videos. He feeds his desire to be on sets from day to day. He doesn't want to skip steps, he rushes one contract at a time. He always shines with his personality and his artistic eye. Try to be Hugh ...

Photo credit: Robitaille Photo

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