How to give love to satin?

How to give love to satin?

Our favorite season has finally arrived!! Among the spring-summer 2022 key trends, we find the flamboyant and delicate satin offered in the new collection by Melissa Nepton! Dresses, jumpsuits, tops, pants, skirts, shorts, all types of clothing can now be found in your wardrobes to enhance (soon) your tanned skin.

The downside! You too are one of those women who love to wear mats.ères scintillating but who dread the unavoidable stage of the'clothing care? This crucial moment où l'we thoughtchit twice before s'venture towards disaster for fear of'further damage our precious livesgriff mentsés* “Made in Montreal » and ofnichDesigned especially for you by Boutique B.

We have a secret to tell you! After reading and putting into practice our recommendations, satin will have no more secrets for you and you will be the friend who will advise your loved ones how to restore the shine of their satin fabrics!  

A little history! Satin is a weave, not a raw material like silk.

Satin is a complex fabric obtained by a enter herecement of different yarn materials. That's what makes it so beautiful. This weaving art born in China two millennia ago was mainly made of silk. This fabric, prized by Italian aristocrats, was exported in the twelfthrd century in Europe for the manufacture of upholstery, then clothing. It is in the XIXrd century that this fluid and sensual fabric invites itself to perfect our underwear. Its composition then changed over time. Nowadays, we find blends of fibers such as silk, nylon, polyester and rayon.   

Care of the satin by you

Satin is a fragile but easily washable fabric. First of all, you must read its composition and the maintenance method recommended on the label of your garment. If it says "dry clean", it's best to take it to the cleaners. To keep all its shine, it is important to always wash and iron it to the'upside down, not to'wring with strong twists and dry itexpensive flat out of direct sunlight and excessive heat. Some weavings allow machine cleaning, others must be hand washed gently and sparingly.


Machine wash on gentle cycle

  • Wash upside down
  • Mild laundry detergent
  • Delicate cycle 30
  • Cold water
  • Spinning

Hand cleaning

  • Wash inside out in cold water, pressing gently
  • Mild laundry detergent or baby shampoo
  • A little white vinegar and sugar
  • Soak for 3-5 minutes maximum without rubbing
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Wring without twists
  • Avoid twisting the garment with great pressure


Avoid putting satin clothes in a dryer. Always dry the item without large twists. Ideally, blot it between two clean, dry towels or lay it flat on a towel, then roll it up, applying pressure to loosen it up.evacuate the'excèsd'water. Finish by laying the garment flat on another towel and air drying.'air, to'away from direct sunlight or excessive heat.


To maintain its shine, before ironing, pass asponge soakee d'water with vinegar'back of garment still damp. Then, iron the items still at the'upside down on a medium/light (delicate) setting and no steam, making quick strokes, never allowing the iron to s'dwell too long on one place.

For women "Queens of tasks" of fat and wine during happy hours or any other festive moment. There are three other age-old methods for cleaning satin.

Greasy stains

  • To absorb as much grease as possible, blot the stain with a white cloth
  • Cover the stain with polenta or flour
  • Leave on for an hour to maximize the absorption of the'oil
  • Frot to the'help d'a brush with soft, flexible bristles 
  • Machine wash if'Item is washable following manufacturer's directions

In the event thatù l'item is not. it is necessary to entrust it to a spécialist.


  • Cover the stain with dish soap and let it dry for a few hours
  • Then machine wash cycle delicit (if indicated on the label) following the manufacturer's instructions

Red wine stains

  • Rub with a cloth impregnated with'sparkling water
  • Dab a second time with a soft cloth soaked in'rubbing alcohol
  • Rinse with a damp cloth

Clean white wine stains

  • Cover the stain with blotting paper
  • Rub with a cloth soaked in'oxygenated water
  • Laver to the'clear water

You now know how to properly maintain this softness and shine that satin gives us. The Boutique B team therefore hopes to see your most beautiful satiny outfits in sharing your stories and your photos very soon!

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